The Little Monster

        I'm a college student majoring in English who loves to read, write, drink tea and put on makeup.  I have two minors: Astronomy and Professional Writing.  I love and appreciate all aspects of education.  Science and Literature are only two parts of everything I hope to absorb.  People ask me why I don't pursue a career in the culinary arts and my answer is because cooking, baking, and eating are my hobbies.  I want them to fall back on to help me relax after a long day. I don't want to spoil my hobby by adding the stress of a working kitchen.  I also have too much interest in literature to spend my time in a kitchen.  I would rather spend hours crouched over reference books in the corner of a library than stooping over a stove.

    Food is an art form and it is meant to nourish us, not scare us.  I live as cruelty free as I can but I don't stress myself if something goes wrong.  I am a vegetarian and eat mostly vegan.  I have many reasons for not being 100% vegan.

About Me

10 Obsessions:
1. Emilie Autumn
2. Hello Kitty
4. Holidays
5. Cats
6. Tattoos
7. Fall/Winter
8. Cereal
9. The English Language
10. Make up

1. Crisp apples
2. Silver jewelry
3. Gold eyeshadow
4. Lady GaGa
5. Hot black tea
6. Scalding black coffee
7. Fizzy diet soda
8. Pumpkin spice candles
9. Jet black mascara
10. High-waisted skirts

10 Dislikes:
1. Raw meat
2. Summer
3. Ignorance
4. Orange juice
5. Peanuts! (Peanut Butter has become oddly tolerable)
6. Open spaces
7. Big crowds
8. Loud noises
9. Redundancies
10. Waffles


  1. I love finding other college bloggers! Just subscribed to your blog! can't wait to keep reading :D

  2. You're one of the only people I've ever heard of who doesn't like orange juice besides me! Oranges/orange juice make me want to run in a corner--the smell, sight, texture...EVERYTHING about them makes me gag.