19 June 2011

I love you, Daddy

I love you and everything you do for me and my brother...and O'Malley
You are truly a wonderful father.
Happy Father's Day

17 June 2011

20 Years Gone By

It's my 20th birthday.
I feel old.

I drowned my sorrows in some celebratory Breakfast Ice Cream. I added some vanilla to this batch, a very good idea.
I took a picture to show you what it should look like before the almond milk.*
If you use cookie dough almond butter as the nut butter, it's like cookie dough ice cream.

I put icing and sprinkles on it since there will be no cake today.

The good thing about getting older?
No one is there to tell you ice cream and cookie dough aren't for breakfast.

*I forgot to note that you will need to allow the bananas about 5-10 min to thaw a bit before you can mix them in.

16 June 2011

The Perfect Summer Afternoon

I have spent my vacant hours in the pages of this book as of late.
Cranberry flavor pack in my water and nooch on my popcorn.

I hope your day has been peaceful, my loves.


14 June 2011

Hold on to your Pants...

...this is the best summer breakfast ever invented. Oh, and it's vegan.

I will start by saying that I hate overnight oats. No matter how many times I make them, I want to gag. I thought it was the fact that they were cold. This has changed that thought.

This is not overnight oats. Nothing like it.

This is ice cream for breakfast. Now, I would never name something "cookie dough" or "ice cream" if it tasted anything less than the real thing. Dates + cashews + chocolate chips, ground and rolled into balls are delicious but they are NOT cookie dough. That's a Larabar.
This is ice cream.

Well, the texture is not.
But the taste.
Oh, goodness.
Spot on.
(The key is the frozen banana. Do not sub anything else for this....unless it's a scoop of ice cream...which is an idea that I support)


It is important.
I am interrupting my eating of this bowl just to tell you about it.

here we go...

1/2 c oats (rolled or quick)
dash of salt
1/2 tsp sweetener (optional)

2 tsp almond butter (or other nut butter, pb would make it pb ice cream....next time)
1/2 frozen banana
3/4 c almond milk
1 Tbsp Chocolate chips (or ice cream topping of choice. I enjoy pecans as well)
1. Mix first three ingredients in a bowl and then mash in the banana and nut butter. This will make a crumbly paste. (The bananas need to have thawed about 5-10 minutes before this so they are mush-able)
2. Pour almond milk over it and sprinkle on toppings.
Nom time!

12 June 2011

I Hope I Remember how to do this.....

...and I hope you all forgive me. I understand if you don't. Sometimes when one of my favorite bloggies drops off the planet I feel like a friend is neglecting me (over-involved much? Yeah.)

I will tell you where I have been and why I haven't come running back before this:
I take 18 hours during the school year and work.
Final exams and essays consumed me.
I had a 3 week summer class that was the same amount of work as a 4 MONTH class.
I finished that class a week ago, the next day I woke up with an AWFUL rash:
I mean, truly miserable. I'm allergic to my new sunscreen, Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch, SPF 50.
(I've know others to also have bad reactions to this, watch out. It also isn't the natural kind that uses Zinc Oxide.)

I had to get a shot of cortisone and take prednisone for a week. So now my rash is clearing up. I am working but it's online so....I can relax and blog. But what to blog about?

"Uh, Kittie, this is a food blog."
Yes it is. But I made it when the only thing I could think about was food because I keeping myself FROM food. I still think about what I eat but I am much less concerned with it now. I love it, I enjoy it. But now I LET myself enjoy it without (nearly as much) of the guilt. I also don't binge at all anymore. That is a wonderful feeling. I can control myself without being controlling. Good.

"Where are you going with this?"
I want to talk about other things. Books, plays, poetry. I am freak for literature. My blog is named for an obscure Through the Looking Glass reference. This is because I love books, not because I'm trying to be cute. I also have a great interest in Cruelty Free and Vegan makeup, for instance. I also have a deep-set interest in a few social/political topics. I have opinions.

Let's move into a cruelty-free lifestyle blog.

I might ramble about Shakespeare. But I will try to tell you what tea I was drinking at the time.
I may loose readers. I may not do it for long. I may do it for years. Let's just see.

Oh, and I still eat food:

Like my pretty little oatmeal bowl today:
CCK's Blueberry Pie Pancakes (made with brown rice flour):
Tons and tons of unpictured cereal...for breakfast....dinner...snack...wtvr.

But not for lunch. Always PBJ or salad for lunch....
...or a snack plate.
And for dinner I have been loving baked tofu.
(It's there, hiding under the nooch-y kale chips)