21 December 2010

Oh where, oh where has Kittie gone?

I've been busy. Very busy.
With what?
With school and with life. I started this blog to share recipes then it evolved into a way for me to track my calories. At first it aided my ED then I made a change and it helped me track calories to eat more.
Now I am in recovery. Recovered? No, no I can't say that but I am so much stronger, so much more hopeful, and much healthier. This blog helped me do that. It is still helping me but part of my recovery is no longer counting EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I put in my mouth. I make sure to eat enough fruits/vegetables/protein and other than that I eat until I'm full and let my body tell me when I'm hungry. I do take photos of my food, just not ALL of my food. I photograph interesting food. For instance, I recently went out and had Japanese food.
Seaweed salad, Edamame, pickled radish sushi.
I may also photograph things like Greek yogurt on sale...
With home made cranberry sauce.... Or the beginning of the best batch of Toadstools ever.

But I don't photograph every apple, bar, or bowl of oats. I'm more comfortable with what I eat now.

What does that mean for the blog? It's going to be more focused on living a healthy, educated, fun life. School is very important to me and reading is my passion. I love to cook. I love astronomy and photography (i.e. I am very interested in astrophotography.) Those are just a few things you may see on here.

Also, I don't run. Just know that. You will see ZERO marathons on this blog and I am OKAY with that.

I'm happily healthy and I wish to continue living this way.

Will you join me?