17 June 2011

20 Years Gone By

It's my 20th birthday.
I feel old.

I drowned my sorrows in some celebratory Breakfast Ice Cream. I added some vanilla to this batch, a very good idea.
I took a picture to show you what it should look like before the almond milk.*
If you use cookie dough almond butter as the nut butter, it's like cookie dough ice cream.

I put icing and sprinkles on it since there will be no cake today.

The good thing about getting older?
No one is there to tell you ice cream and cookie dough aren't for breakfast.

*I forgot to note that you will need to allow the bananas about 5-10 min to thaw a bit before you can mix them in.


  1. Happy birthday! I love all the sprinkles on your breakfast. :)

  2. happy birthday for yesterday!! why no cake?! it's requisite on a birthday ;)

    hope it was wonderful!