31 March 2011

Kitten's Lit Pick of the Week_"The Eve of St. Agnes"

The Eve of St. Agnes, John Keats

Anon his heart revives: her vespers done,
Of all its wreathed pearls her hair she frees;
Unclasps her warmed jewels one by one;
Loosens her fragrant bodice; by degrees
Her rich attire creeps rustling to her knees:
Half-hidden, like a mermaid in sea-weed,
Pensive awhile she dreams awake, and sees,
In fancy, fair St Agnes in her bed,
But dares not look behind, or all the charm is fled.


Soon, trembling in her soft and chilly nest,
In sort of wakeful swoon, perplex'd she lay,
Until the poppied warmth of sleep oppress'd
Her soothed limbs, and soul fatigued away;
Flown, like a thought, until the morrow-day;
Blissfully haven'd both from joy and pain;
Clasp'd like a missal where swart Paynims pray;
Blinded alike from sunshine and from rain,
As though a rose should shut, and be a bud again.



Beyond a mortal man impassion'd far
At these voluptuous accents, he arose,
Ethereal, flush'd, and like a throbbing star
Seen mid the sapphire heaven's deep repose
Into her dream he melted, as the rose
Blendeth its odour with the violet,---
Solution sweet: meantime the frost-wind blows
Like Love's alarum pattering the sharp sleet
Against the window-panes; St Agnes' moon hath set.


Tis dark: quick pattereth the flaw-blown sleet:
"This is no dream, my bride, my Madeline!"
'Tis dark: the iced gusts still rave and beat:
"No dream, alas! alas! and woe is mine!
Porphyro will leave me here to fade and pine.---
Cruel! what traitor could thee hither bring?
I curse not, for my heart is lost in thine
Though thou forsakest a deceived thing;---
A dove forlorn and lost with sick unpruned wing."


Read the entire poem here.

A tale of filth whose "hero" is a thief of innocence.

I'm writing an essay on this right now because it is my favorite Keats narrative. A few men in my class read it as a voyeuristic "man's" poem. If one is truly a critical reader of Keats, he will see that Madeline has strength and control until she is encroached upon in her dream state. It is written for neither man nor woman.

29 March 2011

Tummy Time Tuesday_SF Magick Squares

Quick story:
I'm the Magick Square Queen. It's one of the first things I ever made well, and I kept making them...verrry well. I don't want to consider the calories nor the sugar content of a "real" magick square.
(I spell it with a "k" because when I was first baking at age 12 I also believed myself a witch and dabbled in wicca and sorcery and the like....the "k" is common in wiccan texts.)

Embarrassing childhood phases aside.....remember Gollum Grub? Probably not, it was one of my very first posts and that was a spin off of my Magick Square recipe. Here is another that is vegan and sugar free unlike any I have made before...just as delicious.

1c oat bran
1/2c rolled oats
1 mashed banana
1 (14oz) can unsweetened coconut milk
1c unsweetened Baker's chocolate, chopped (this may be too much for you, add other chocolates due to your taste)
1c chopped dates
1 1/3c flaked unsweetened coconut
1 c chopped nuts (I like a mix of pecans and walnuts)


1. Preheat oven to 350F. Mix oat bran and rolled oats. Set aside 1/3c coconut.
2. Mash banana and heat in microwave 30 seconds, add to oat mixture and combine as well as you can.
3. Press into bottom of 9x13in pan.
4. Pour 1/3 can of coconut milk on top and spread to even out.
5. Combine 1c flaked coconut, chocolate, dates, and nuts in a bowl, sprinkle half the mixture on top.
6. Pour another 1/3 of the can of coconut milk on top and spread that out.
7. Sprinkle next half of the coconut, date, nut mixture on top of coconut milk layer.
8. Pour the rest of the coconut milk on top, smooth, and finish with last 1/3c of flaked coconut.
9. Bake for 25 minutes or until the coconut browns.
10. Cool for at least two hours before cutting.
11. Store in refridgerator!

These are just as good as the ones I have made for years with real ingredients!

28 March 2011

Makeup Monday _ Clinique Violets

OMG Kittie is back
(I am allowed to speak in the 3rd person because I have already mastered 1st person.)

Really, I'm coming back. I miss you. I'm sorry.

Where I have been:
  • The depths of school
  • The abyss of work
  • The pages of Jane Eyre
  • The (not quite) lost lands of Dr. Who and Torchwood

It felt good, though. Not being tied down, that is. Now I'm blogging a mixture of purely Kittie-esque things (including food).

So, about that food...

I woke up from a dream about being in a car chase....trying to get to the stolen banana nut oatmeal....so I made banana nut oat bran and ate it sans car chase.
1/3c Oat Bran
1c water
Pinch of salt
Sprinkle of Stevia
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 banana
2 Tbsp chopped pecans

So, about that Makeup Monday thing...I want to do a series on cruelty free makeup that I use and like.

The first look:

I bought a new Clinique "Fresh Bloom allover color" in Peony and it qualified me for the "free gift" that included an eyeshadow set of violets.

Here I used Peony on my cheeks as a blush/contour and the violet set on my eyes.
I am also wearing their superbalm moisturizing gloss in lilac and the high impact mascara in black.
Since this isn't a makeup blog I won't go into the how-to's unless you guys ask for it.

Clinique has a wide range of non-allergenic face products including makeup and skincare. They are 100% cruelty free which means they never test on animals.

Have a happy Monday night, lovelies.

07 March 2011

Remember that recipe....

...that I promised like a month ago? Well, it's still delicious. It's vegan and protein-packed. It's cheap and easy to make. Perfect for vegan college students who don't live entirely off of Taco Bell.

Here it is, lovies.

Vegan Chickpea Sandwich Stuffing:
(Makes 2-3 servings)

1c canned chickpeas, rinsed, peeled, and mashed
1 celery stalk, diced
1T diced red onion
1 mini sweet pickle, diced
1T spicy mustard
1T honey mustard
1T yellow mustard
1T Veganaise (more honey mustard would work if you want a less processed mix)
1t creole seasoning
sprinkle of black pepper
sprinkle of dill

1. Drain and rinse your chickpeas.
2. Remove skins. (this is optional but I highly recommend it.)
3. Microwave the peeled chickpeas for about 45 seconds-1 minute to make mashing easier. (If you have a food processor, this step may be skipped but I have a bowl and a fork....and a microwave.)
4. Dice celery, onion, and pickle. mix into mashed chickpeas.
5. Add spices, mustards, and veganaise and mix until combined.
6. Serve!
This will keep in the fridge up to a week.
It is great on sandwiches, salads, crackers, and veggies!