28 November 2010

Giving thanks with Mamma Monster

On Friday I woke up bright and early to get to shopping. I had a quick but delicious breakfast:
Corn flakes, Fiber One, banana, almond milk.

Mamma and I shopped until we were hungry and we headed to Panera Bread.
MMMMmmmm! I love Panera but we don't have one where I go to school.

Then we kept shopping. Later on I had some shopping fuel:
Um. Eww. This was my first time having the 'smores flavor. Not a fan.

Then I made dinner at my mom's house:
Salad with warm spiced pears, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, and red onion:
Whole wheat bubble loaf:
Steamed cauliflower and Roasted butternut squash with onions and spices:
Home made cranberry sauce:
I also sauteed asparagus and made a pumpkin pie:

Saturday I woke up to a leisurely breakfast...
Pumpkin Oats complete with Cool Whip.

Finished in time to get my hurr did:
Ved bangs!

Leftovers and Martha Stewart Living followed.


Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

First order of business was to drive home at noon on Wednesday. I ate a lunch of hummus wrap and veggies on the road.
Upon arrival mom took me to dinner.
I informed her that food bloggers hate ambiance.

The next morning (Thanksgiving) I woke up at Dad's house to a kitchen stocked for me.
Frozen almond milk on frozen berries.
I spent time with the kitty....
and I admired Dad's centerpiece.....
And made my squash in the toaster oven since the oven had a turkey in it....
I put a hat on it as was my Dad's advice.
I used poultry seasoning because it seemed appropriate. ;)
Acorn Squash, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, whole wheat roll, cranberry sauce, dressing. Yum. < 3

Recap of Friday and Saturday to come.

25 November 2010

I am Thankful.....

I am thankful for the freshly made bed my dad prepared for me.
I am thankful for my sweet kitty.
I am thankful for my able body.

I am thankful to know what my body needs to operate and not be afraid of autumn traditions.

I am thankful to have a loving family, even if it is split.

I am thankful to have a rational thinking mind.
(Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society)
I am thankful for the determination I have to do well for myself.

I am thankful for the opportunity to go to college, thus I will not be angry about the giant load of homework I have this holiday weekend.
I am thankful to live as a free woman in this country.

23 November 2010

Lost & Found

My favorite foods are the most basic, simple foods.
They fall into two categories: Childhood foods and Whole foods.

Today we are discussing the wonders of childhood favorites.

As a little girl with strawberry blond spirals sprouting from her head (not very much unlike Annie's) I loved one particular ginger child actress who was only a few years older than I. Today she is better known as LiLo....or Firecrotch :/ But I remember the Lindsey from the 90s version of The Parent Trap. What is the most memorable scene? (aside from the ear piercing...) This one:
Oreos + Peanut Butter
I haven't had an Oreo in at least a year. I used to eat Oreos weekly. In my vegan days they were the number one dessert on my menu. I had somehow convinced myself they weren't all that great (as I have with all of my favorite foods that don't grow out of the ground) but I brought 'em back and good gosh.....
Better than I remembered.
So much better.

Do you eat peanut butter on your Oreos?

17 November 2010

Rain, Rain: Why can't you be snow?

It's is so cold and soooo mistyyy here. It's as if just looking out the window would give you a cold!
Sportin' the tshirts.
Hardcore and Adam Lambert? In my world those things go together fine. ;)
Breakfast of champions:
*dance dance*

Comfort food:
Apple butter and SunButter sammich. (with Cheetos AND pretzels because I couldn't decide on one.) Apparently apple butter is one of those "foodie finds" for a lot of bloggers but for me it was a childhood staple. I guess it's a southern thing? I've heard honey mustard is a southern thing which I think is a cryin' shame. We know how to EAT. :)
And TONS of veggies (and unpictured pears and apples) for vitamins.
I will not get sick.

15 November 2010

Over the weekend

I had some fun and ate some food.
My weekends are very different from my weeks (thank goodness).

Typical weekday breakfast.
Typical weekend breakfast.
Typical weekday lunch.
Typical weekend lunch[es].

Typical weekday outfit:

Typical weekend outfit:


Are your weekends drastically different than your weekdays?
What is your favorite quick breakfast?