31 December 2010

Christmas Confessions

I'm an Atheist. I'm not a kid anymore. I sleep just fine on Christmas Eve. My parents announced their divorce almost 2 years ago, it still isn't finalized and it is tearing my family apart. So...

  • I didn't celebrate Christmas for the birth of Christ.
  • I didn't celebrate Christmas for the presents.
  • I didn't celebrate Christmas for the family time.
  • I didn't even celebrate Christmas for the food.
  • I celebrated because it's cultural.
Part of me wanted to stay on campus and not even come home. A lot of me wanted to spend it with the friends I have there. I came home out of obligation.

I didn't even photograph my food. What is the worth of this holiday? Why do we prepare such a large meal? In my case, to pretend that the four of us (Mom, Dad, Brother, and I) are somehow still living like we did when we were in the same house.

Christmas eve was "Christmas" at my mom's house and Christmas day was spent at my dad's house (where I grew up.)

I got a lot of presents.
I even got a DSLR. (Cannon Rebel [Which I am incredibly thankful for])
You caught my lie, I totally photographed my food. How could I not with a brand new baby Rebel?
But I still wasn't sure the drive was worth it to spend two days in December with my distraught family.

I came home to find out that I'm suddenly allergic...
...to my best friend?
No, I came home to spend the snow day....
With my best friend (on two legs.)
Alright, it was worth it.

21 December 2010

Oh where, oh where has Kittie gone?

I've been busy. Very busy.
With what?
With school and with life. I started this blog to share recipes then it evolved into a way for me to track my calories. At first it aided my ED then I made a change and it helped me track calories to eat more.
Now I am in recovery. Recovered? No, no I can't say that but I am so much stronger, so much more hopeful, and much healthier. This blog helped me do that. It is still helping me but part of my recovery is no longer counting EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I put in my mouth. I make sure to eat enough fruits/vegetables/protein and other than that I eat until I'm full and let my body tell me when I'm hungry. I do take photos of my food, just not ALL of my food. I photograph interesting food. For instance, I recently went out and had Japanese food.
Seaweed salad, Edamame, pickled radish sushi.
I may also photograph things like Greek yogurt on sale...
With home made cranberry sauce.... Or the beginning of the best batch of Toadstools ever.

But I don't photograph every apple, bar, or bowl of oats. I'm more comfortable with what I eat now.

What does that mean for the blog? It's going to be more focused on living a healthy, educated, fun life. School is very important to me and reading is my passion. I love to cook. I love astronomy and photography (i.e. I am very interested in astrophotography.) Those are just a few things you may see on here.

Also, I don't run. Just know that. You will see ZERO marathons on this blog and I am OKAY with that.

I'm happily healthy and I wish to continue living this way.

Will you join me?

14 December 2010


(Not the Food Network show....my exciting present to myself.)

Yesterday, after I ate my oat bran....
I ventured into the snow....
(Even though I had no exams and could have worn this all day...)
But I had a mission to pick something up from the post office....

Anticipation.... Packing Peanuts.....

Oh my....Ooooooh my...There she is! My little bundle of joy!
Film, batteries, electrical tape (for sealing the back cover to prevent light leaks.)
My little baby Holga...
I love you.

09 December 2010

Je Suis Désolé

I am sorry for neglecting my duties as a blogger.
I'm taking 18 hours of classes so, needless to say, the end of the semester is intense. Today is study day so I have a few seconds to come up for air from my books.
Last week was all about carbs.....carbs and chocolate...(you can guess why, I'm sure)

And this week is ALL about veggies. I'm on my second bag of carrot sticks this week. I just want crisp vegetables and fruit all day, everyday.
So that's what I eat....but I make sure to balance it with carbs and protein....and the occasional oatmeal cookie (or two).

CARROT STICKS (I love thee).
Oh, and you too, Candy Cane.