09 April 2011

Kittie Wins...or Looses....

For dinner last night I had three glasses of.....
A few stolen......
and a bowl of Euro tart.....
Don't hate.

This is what happens when a hermit socializes with normal people:
Everything on the menu is either NOT vegan (read: turkey and bacon grilled cheese) or fried (or both). And then a really sweet friend buys said hermit frozen yogurt.

I put teddy grahams, boba, and blueberries on my frozen yogurt...and that was a win.

0% nutritional value in my chemical laden dinner? Loose. I went to bed feeling a little funky but proud that I actually socialized.



  1. I can relate. I find it difficult to socialize too, and I spend most of my time alone. Congratulations though, it seems like you enjoyed yourself! :)