14 May 2011


I missed the 1-year anniversary of my blog....whoops.
It was 4 days ago.
I've been in my home town for about a week. (kill me.)
I'll be back "home" (read: college town) tomorrow to start a summer class on Monday.
I've moved to an apartment with a full kitchen.
My class is only one month, I will have three more months of summer to cook.
Will I cook just because I have time?
Summer is salad season....I'm just being honest.



  1. happy a-little-over-one-year! i lovelovelove your blog... i feel like i can relate to it so much. i don't have a blog of my own yet but every time i read yours i'm inspired to start one! can't wait to see what you create in your kitchen (although summer DOES make for some baller salads!)

    new post pretty please?! :)

  2. well i definitely need to wish your bloggie a happy 1 year birthday!!! mmm summer is so close!! <3 <3 hope you've been well. love youuuuuu