13 May 2012

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

Well, hello Blogger. I see you have changed your layout. Lookin' good.
Yes, I missed you as well.
Still friends?


Where have I been? Here. At college. Plowing through the most difficult semester yet. This is a stack of the articles I have read for various research papers in the last month.

What else has happened?  Well, My younger brother joined the Air Force.  My mother got engaged, planned a wedding, and had it postponed.  My soon-to-be step father was committed to a psych ward.  My significant other lost a large client and then scored a sweet position as director of marketing.  I made a B on an essay and cried for my failures. I made a 100% on a 15 page research project and felt nothing. I was invited to and joined Phi Kappa Phi and Gamma Beta Phi honors societies.  I will soon be joining the national English honors society Sigma Tau Delta (probably as an officer which means I don't have to pay fees - score).  I got accepted for a technical writing intern position starting in the fall.  Lots of ups and downs, people.

But in relation to the part of me you are used to, (the part that eats) I have some things to say. Let's jump in:

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.  I've been thinking about animals and their role in existence as well as the human animal's role.  This blog started off vegan.  Then it moved to vegetarian.  Then, last spring, I began making a conscious effort to buy cruelty-free products only.
I've always been very aware of animals and their involvement in modern human life.  I think most people that eat meat don't go to McDonald's thinking about where their burger came from, the fact that the animal had thoughts, or the environment in which it was raised.  Along the same lines, people don't always consider the steps that were taken to get the meat to their plate.  The machinery and transportation required for meat production has a great impact on the air we breathe, not only the food we eat.

I think about these things.  I also think about health a great deal.  I know that as a vegetarian, there are certain nutrients that I don't get as much of unless I really make an effort to.  Specifically Omega-3's.  I'm getting to a point, bear with me.  Recently I've tried eating fish on occasion.  By occasion I mean maybe once a month.  I had some salmon over spring break.  I ate shrimp recently.  I've eaten a few tuna sandwiches.  I had a fish taco and fish and chips.  The tuna has gone well.  I'm excited to have my mother's tuna salad again because it was always a summer favorite of mine as a kid.  (As southern as tuna salad gets: boiled eggs, apple chunks, sweet pickle relish, tons of mayo mmmm).  The breaded fishes were also good.  The breading balances the texture.  But the salmon? the shrimp? Oh...oh god...I don't think I can.  It's so.....meaty.  The texture...the salmon skin...that weird shrimpy crunch.  I can't talk about this any more.  In short, I just can't.  Before I tried the fish I even thought to myself that I might try a burger one day. How? How could I think that?? I still can't drink milk because I think about the nasty "bonus" excretions that come with your jug.

I'm now a vegetarian verging on pescatarian.  I might eat some tuna salad at a 4th of July pot luck and I'll gladly participate in catfish Fridays some this summer but that's my limit.  I love veggie burgers way more than I ever liked the beef ones as a kid.  I love pbj or cheese and tomato sammiches more than I ever wanted roast beef (ew. can we talk about unappealing?)

But I'm not vegan.  I like cheese. I like yogurt. I love eggs.  I love honey. And those things are good for me. 

I'm going to let this be the transition to my next entry.  I think this is enough change for one day. 

I missed you guys. I hope you still have a place for me on your blogroll.

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