04 January 2011

A Day Without Sugar

One may wonder what I eat. You know what I don't eat: meat, (most) dairy, refined sugar, refined flour. What does that leave? Since I haven't done an entire day of food post in a while I figured I would. Here we go:

Unsweetened pumpkin blueberry oats with pecans and 0% Fage.
Salad with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried basil.
Veggie soup with vegan grilled cheese.
This tasted like Sonic onion rings. No joke. I don't know the last time I had them but the taste was spot on. 'Twas curious.

Mixed fruit with coconut. (I forgot that the coconut was sweetened. I buy unsweetened but my dad had this kind. Oh well.)

Salad with salt and pepper.
1/4 roasted acorn squash, red beans, black eyed peas, 0% Fage.

Plus a few almonds here and there.

You may also wonder why I opt for vegan choices in most cases but eat Greek yogurt. It is because lactose makes my stomach hurt but GY does not. I can tolerate it just fine and it is a good source of protein for a vegetarian.

1 comment:

  1. It's really neat going sugar free isnt it? At first theres a lot of hesitation, and for me I found headaches and some tiredness..but soon when I realized how much there was still available to eat it was amazing. and over time the sugar free flavors werent so important..now it was all about the savory tastes of foods..mm like beans!

    thank you again for weighing in on my medication posts and mood. Seriously, your words are gold to me. I think the reason i've had to go back on was because when I weaned off the first time I was doing excellent, i was thriving.. but my doctor, who i shouldnt have listened to, told me to try a certain med because she believed it might help but i told her i was fine. i took the med tho and then all hell broke loose and i started semi-starting and stopping all my meds again which totally messed me up. i decided to go back on my original medication and build up my serotonin, then slowly wean off and then stay off..not letting my system get screwed up again. i hope it works... i feel like it will. i guess we'll find out tho eh.
    all the best love <3 xoxo

    and thank you for being a light for me :)