08 January 2011

Give me something to read.

I want new blogs to read. I'm growing weary of marathons, RDs and oats. I love fashion blogs, humor blogs, even any web comics you may wish to suggest.

Most importantly, I would love to see YOUR blogs. Those of you who hide behind the screen and never comment, comment! I'll check your blog out, I promise. I always check out the blogs of my subscribers and commenters!

I would also like to thank those of you who have stuck with me through my ups and downs of blogging. I know I haven't been consistent but I am working to improve!

More frequent blogs will probably mean some shorter blogs, some wordless blogs, and some word-only blogs (such as this one.)

Thank you beautiful readers!



  1. Probably admitting that I'm totally uncool for not knowing this...but what are RDs? Registered Dietitian is all I can come up with.

  2. I've been trying to find new blogs too!
    And I did find a few ones, but most of them are food/health related.
    The only "funny" one was written in portuguese...
    You don't speak portuguese, do you?

  3. I did mean Registered Dietitians.

    And no, I not not speak Portuguese, heh. I speak English and enough French to get by.

  4. i just found your blog and have been reading it lately!

    i have a "healthy living" blog that has really not been updated lately: http://cinnamonbums.wordpress.com

    as well as a photo blog