14 December 2010


(Not the Food Network show....my exciting present to myself.)

Yesterday, after I ate my oat bran....
I ventured into the snow....
(Even though I had no exams and could have worn this all day...)
But I had a mission to pick something up from the post office....

Anticipation.... Packing Peanuts.....

Oh my....Ooooooh my...There she is! My little bundle of joy!
Film, batteries, electrical tape (for sealing the back cover to prevent light leaks.)
My little baby Holga...
I love you.


  1. Awwww! How awesome!
    I loooooved your new camera, girl!
    So cute :D

  2. Those cameras are magic :) I need to use mine more often...I have yet to find it since moving, though. Hrmph.
    Enjoy it!! There's just something so much nicer about film cameras and not seeing what the pictures are like they've been developed.