17 February 2011

Double Rainbow, anyone?

I said I had a recipe, and I do (and it's vegan) and it will come with time my dearies. But I figured I would post this while it is somewhat relevant.

I made a two layered rainbow cake in the shape of a heart.

I'm not going to post a recipe because I followed Ominomicon's post exactly. It was for a class project so I didn't Kittie-ize it.

  • If I made it for myself I would probably use this vegan cake recipe and sub Stevia for sugar.
  • If I were making it for someone else or a party I would probably use a pound cake/butter cake recipe or mix so that it would be cleaner lines of rainbow when cut (since the cake would be less crumbly.)

Make sure you use twice as much (2/3) of each of the first 3 colors in the two pans. This means one pan will begin red, orange, yellow and the other begins purple, blue, green.
Cover & Refrigerate.
Flip out first cake.
Mix Icing.
Ice first cake.
Flip second one on top.
Ice both layers.
Now eat!


  1. My tummy really enjoyed this.

  2. wait!!! what and how did you make the icing???