10 February 2011

Woman Sues Nutella?

There is a woman who is suing the Nutella company for false advertising. She says that in their commercials they claim their product is a health food and that it is misleading. She fed her 4-year-old Nutella until a friend pointed out the nutritional stats.

With the 21 grams of sugar in a 2 Tbsp serving, Nutella is chocolate sauce. I know this, I still eat it on occasion but it really is a dessert food.

Here is my issue with suing over this:
Nutella clearly states that it can be PART of a nutritious breakfast ALONG with fruits and whole grains. Consumers must be informed. Y0u cannot blame a company if you didn't read the label before filling your 4-year-old full of sugar. Nutella is obviously not peanut butter. If a jar of pb hid 21 grams of sugar in 2 Tbsp, there would probably be an issue (read the label anyhow, even natural brands often contain 4 grams, aka 1 tsp of sugar per serving). Nutella is like a candy bar, this is evident from the flavor, ingredients, and nutrition label. Her friend obviously took the time to look at the numbers. It isn't that hard.

Don't blame a company because you're too lazy to check a label.


  1. Seriously?? This is happening? It's chocolate spread!! (though I'm curious as to how the sugar content thing will go down in court, considering that child-marketed breakfast cereal is often sugary...)

    To an extent the majority of advertising is a little...false. Everyone wants to push the 'benefits' of a product so people buy it. We, as consumers, should also use our own brains though.

    So Nutella is not a health food, but that doesn't mean it can't still be incorporated into breakfast (just maybe not as the main food group) ;)

  2. uno what tho, its funny cuz even tho i wouldnt go as far as to SUE, i will say that it has fooled my whole family because watching the commercials it says "with just a teaspoon of cocoa powder, skim milk, and roasted hazelnuts...etc" they never mention the added refined sugar! even my grandma eats it all the time but she shouldnt because her body cant handle the sugar but she still thinks there is no added sugar because "the commercial only mentions those 3 ingredients"!

    definitely we all must be more skeptical and remember false advertising is likely to exist. what an interesting headline tho! i didnt know she actually sued! hopefully she checked herself in for a prescription for eyeglasses lol, jk.

  3. I agree with Kelsey - this seems obvious, it's a chocolate spread! However, I run a fitness center and it's incredible how many young, intelligent, and educated men and women truly believe that Nutella is healthy for them and a great substitute for otherwise unhealthy snacks - because of the advertising. In the commercials they show a kid getting ready for a sports game or practice of some sort and the parents give him Nutella as a healthy breakfast to get ready for all that energy burning!