26 July 2010

An Old Friend...

...hath returned.
What's that? Oats?
Yeah, looks like oats. Why's it pink?
Ooooohhhh, my friends. This bowl has been such a long time coming! Cran-walnut oats. Oh my, I am genius.
I have some 100% cranberry juice. I bout it in February because, well, I love cranberry juice...but it's a little too much, even for my taste. I mix it with apple juice but I always love finding other uses for things! I added the cranberry juice in place of 1/4c of the water and boiled some dried cranberries in with it all so they would plump up.
When the oats were ready I stirred in some cinnamon and ground cloves (my favorite flavor to pair with cranberry.) Mmmmm. The most satisfying breakfast I have had in a long time. Sometimes I love me.

After some blogging, browsing, and lallygagging, I did some yoga and then snacked on a Clementine and some of the pumpkin wafers I got at the Asian market.
That Clementine was depressingly bland....

But lunch made up for that...oh, how it did.
Alright, so you've heard about my BGFF, now let's talk BFFF. Yep. Best Female Friend Forever. Multiple times a week she and I would cram our 2 ton book bags in her station wagon and head to our favorite coffee house/used book store after school. Here we ordered the ULTIMATE after school snack. The Banana Dog.
I am not the creator of this masterpiece but oh am I a fan of it.
So here's the gist, you got a card where you write down your order.

Pick crunchy or smooth PB (Crunchy)
Toasted or not? (toast it!)
(Here comes the fun part, toppings)
Pick a 3, 5, or 7 topping banana dog. (I always got five)
I would add:
Marshmallow fluff, Honey, Sunflower seeds, Sprinkles, Chocolate chips.

When I found me some Ricemellow....I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with it:
Smear it on some bread (I didn't have a wheat hot dog bun) with some of my home made almond butter.
Plop a banana in the middle (arguably the most important part)
Top it with sprinkles (because, you know, they are a health food) and chocolate chips at the end for "dessert." (Somehow I actually managed to save that end for last.)
Toast it up and serve it with jicama and bell pepper strips (not actually necessary)
Alright now, run along and do this.

I guess that was too much awesome for one day because I had a total snack fail:
Eww. Well, apparently I don't like this flavor. Good thing to learn. I couldn't eat it. I threw it out. I hated to but I had to.
I replaced it with more jicama! and a fig.

Oh, but dinner...dinner my friends came with a side of awesome, courtesy of Live Laugh Eat. I made yucca fries via Allie. I didn't document because I followed what she did exactly. I figured you could click a link. ;)
I had them alongside this amazing veggie burger:
Black bean veggie burger with spinach, tomato, pickles, laughing cow, mustard, and ketchup.
These were really, really good....like better than french fries good....when's the last time I ate a french fry? I literally have no idea. Wow.

Well, for dessert I took some fruit cutting tips from Allie (and yeah, now I feel like a stalker) and tackled my fruit.
With the dragonfruit are some mango marshmallows and chocolate chips.

"Hey Kittie, you sought out Ricemellow and claim to follow a cruelty free lifestyle. What's up with the marshmallows? Hmm? They have gelatin, you know."

Uh...yeah...I know. See...here's the thing....these are the marshmallows:
Do you understand now? No? Let me explain. I love Hello Kitty. I literally do not know how much HK merch I own and taking inventory would take days. If Hello Kitty says jump...I say how high? And she said:
"Hey look, you love marshmallows, you find them hard to resist and now I'm on the package. take that. TAKE THAT."

I couldn't take that. I bought 'em and um...I saw strawberry flavor yesterday so.....I'll probably buy them again....just to be honest.


  1. Hot. Damn. That's all I can say.... That banana dog looks and sounds amazing. And the fact that you put chocolate chip at one end for "dessert" cracked me up. Genius, girl :)

  2. wow that banana dog looks epic! I bet the sprinkles took it to a whole new level :) yum!

    oh my gosh diet dr. pepper is my favorite!!! so so good :)