18 July 2010

Potassium and the Southwest

This lil guy came from my garden today. Daddy picked it because we don't know how to be sure when carrots are ready. Any tips? We obviously jumped the gun on this one.

I had a fancy omelet (that turned into a scramble) for breakfast:
Spinach, onion, mushroom, Feta.
Feta and spinach just feel fancy.

For lunch I brought back a favorite:
Southwest salad with half a black bean burger, corn, avocado, onion, and home grown cucumber.
And my favorite crackers. They have caraway seeds!
I got my grains and potassium in with some banana bread:
Oh my goodness, I love this stuff. It is so hearty and moist. It's like banana bread rather than the sickeningly sweet banana "cake" flavor I often get.
For dinner I ate south of the border again at my favorite local Mexican restaurant.
We had some chips with salsa that is always amazing.
I love those chips because they are hardly salted so my lips and tongue don't burn and you can taste the corn aspect not just salt.

I got the veggie burrito with no cheese on the plate.
This burrito is so stuffed with veggies. It has cabbage, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, and things I'm probably forgetting.
I ate its innards and saved the rice, beans and pico de gallo.
For dessert I ate some more potassium. Vegan cinnamon/banana ice cream that I made earlier in the summer with banana bread crumble.

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