15 November 2010

Over the weekend

I had some fun and ate some food.
My weekends are very different from my weeks (thank goodness).

Typical weekday breakfast.
Typical weekend breakfast.
Typical weekday lunch.
Typical weekend lunch[es].

Typical weekday outfit:

Typical weekend outfit:


Are your weekends drastically different than your weekdays?
What is your favorite quick breakfast?

1 comment:

  1. i love the second to last photo the best!!! u look dynamite Kittie <3
    mmm lunch looked fantastic- PB and jelly with pretzels on the side. mm i would love to scoop the pretzel stick into the spread on just tuck them inside for extra crunchiness :D

    btw i definitely appreciate your comment on my post stating i went back to my meds. Actually as i read the comment it was ironic because im weaning off of them again! i definitely dont like the idea of taking pharmaceuticals to try and find happiness, i couldnt agree more. I felt desperate and listened to my doctor but when i went back on i started feeling WORSE. without them i feel terrible, with them i feel terrible. ive suffered from years of bipolar and clinical depression, and as i get older and find healthier eating habits and lifestyle changes, im surprised im feeling worse. i found a research centre in UBC hospital that takes inpatients to study and look at their brain chemistry to research. im thinking of signing up. ive been really interested in ECT shock therapy which is really TABOO but honestly, if i cant find relief on my own id rather try ECT which may give me relief away from a life of medication.. or worse, not even having a life.

    thank you so much for your comment, i really love hearing your view points on it, and i know we battle with similar issues which makes me appreciate everything you say so much more.

    Take care XOXO <3