25 July 2011

RIP, Amy.

That syrupy, sorrowful voice sank into my heart with a single beat. It won't leave so easily.
You are an icon whose life was bigger than her death.
That beehive and dramatic winged eyeliner left an impression on me at a young age.
Align CenterWhen I was 14, Rolling Stone featured you in an interview. I read it dozens of times and kept it by my bed. I was fascinated by your personality and talent.
You always said it best.

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  1. I didn't even find out until a few days after it happened...actually it was on the way to Salt Spring at the exact time when I was taking the photos of my pulling up to the ferry terminal before paying our way onto the ferry! I was shocked! I always thought that it was going to happen because of the struggles she was still enduring..but a part of my wanted to believe she would be fine and that she would get help before it was too late :(

    I love the tribute to her <3 <3