01 July 2011

June Favorites

I went home for a while for father's day/my birthday and I remembered my camera....but forgot the USB cable. So...sorry about that. Now my camera has decided it doesn't like my memory card...so I must fix that.

BUT I have a new series for you. It's a monthly favorites series. Each month I will list my favorites in different categories. I'm just going to get right into it because I think it is pretty self explanatory. Tell me if you like this sort of post and what other favorites you may want me to include!

Ice cream breakfast bowls!

New Food Purchase
Silk unsweetened almond milk.
Silk has the thickest, smoothest almond milk (none of that "did I just put water in my cereal?" business) and now it comes unsweetened!

Prune Balls
(recipe soon)

Check her out!

Shiro Cosmetics
I bought some things from them but my camera ate the pictures.... Soon?

High-waisted shorts
I got these from a thrift shop and cuffed the bottom.


Game boy Color!
When unpacking things at my dad's new house I found the ol' game boy as well as my Link's Awakening and Pokemon Blue games.....you know I brought it back with me....


  1. I just bought a bunch of awesome looking eyeshadows and lipsticks from that Shiro Cosmetics place. Thanks for the link.

  2. You're welcome! Tell me how you like them!

  3. I will! I can't wait to get them. They had a bunch of awesome colors. ^^