29 May 2010

Bleed for me, sweet berries.

Oh lordy, I love berries. I actually have a confession. I hate(d) raspberries...until today. I had only ever eaten them from chain supermarkets. The poor things were fed chemicals and transported between countries. Today I learned that I do not hate a fresh, locally grown raspberry, but I do prefer fresh strawberries. Oh, holy foodgasm.

Anyhow. Today, tonight rather, you are getting a quick update post before my vacation. I will hopefully have pictures and updates of food loveliness from my adventures.

In the last week I have had the wonderful fortune of taking shopping trips to Earth Fare, the Asian market, ANNNND the farmer's market and tomorrow on my trip I am getting to go to Trader Joe's. Can we say food geek? Oh my, I am such a nerd.

This...will be lots of pictures. and a special green surprise at the end.

Asian FOOD!
The best (and cheapest) tofu I have ever had at home.

Lychees, Lychee soda, and Rambutan stuffed with pineapple
Mochi and Hello Kitty candy. :D
A mango that was rotten by the time I cut it. :(
Chopsticks, Sushi roller, nori, and wasabi. LOVE

Earth Fare bulk:
(L-R) oat bran, quinoa, hemp/flax granola, nutritional yeast
Bulk in their new homes.
Oat Bran in oatmeal. Oh my gosh, so creamy. Try it if you haven't.
Berries and bread from the farmer's market.
I got a soy candle, too. It smells JUST like my favorite perfume, Pink Sugar. (oops...you can see my Hello Kitty obsession in the background....just a taste, actually.)

Alright, I TOLLLD you I had a big batch of little green friends for you all:
Awwww. Look how cute.

I made green cookies on purpose. I used the same ingredients and added green food coloring. Win.

I also made some normal-colored cinnamon raisin, almond ones. Compare:

The Green Cookie cocktail:
1/3c sunflower seed butter
2tbsp canola oil
1c sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
1/3c almond milk
1c flour
1c rolled oats
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp baking soda
1/2c chocolate chips
1/2c butterscotch chips
425 degrees for 8 minutes per batch

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