06 June 2010

To the Homestead

(That tan line is from a sunburn I got after 30min in April sunlight.....and those are not my shoes...by the by.)

I was gone and now I hath returned. Where did I go?
Vacation with my dad.
Vacation to where?
To the 18th century.
I mean, Colonial Williamsburg...and the beach and Kitty Hawk! Go Wright brothers!

So, this is a food blog, and blog about my food I will do!

The first day, right when we got to the city of Williamsburg, I got to go to Trader Joe's!!!! oh goodness. I couldn't buy any perishables (sadface) but I stocked up on favorites and some new treats!:
Daddy also got some of the chocolate clouds that are like those chocolate turtles and American Trek Mix. There are only four ingredients in the trek mix: cashews, almonds, raisins, semisweet chocolate chunks. Amazing!

Eating on the road for me is difficult. Vegan preference vegetarianism isn't the most agreeable diet. Luckily, I have the best dad in the world and he researched restaurants the best he could for each location.

The first night we stayed in the city of Williamsburg and ate at Food for Thought. I had pesto spaghetti squash on a bed of their wonderful mushroom jasmine rice. I was too shy to snap a photo in the dark, but I recommend the place!

The next day we were having tons of trouble finding something I could eat. Taverns aren't known for veggie fare. Dad got a wrap at this museum cafe and the lady was SO nice and made me this salad from their vegetables:
While we're at it, here is a symphony of salads:
Above generic salad x4

One night this was all we could find for me to eat:
....yeah, kinda sad but it was good

Best meal? The tavern meal. (Food For Thought is a close second.) My dad found the only tavern with a vegetarian entree. I love him.
A pretzel roll! I had seen these and wanted to get one before the bakery closed but we forgot. She brought out our rolls and there was this pretzel roll! I was too excited. I was curious, wouldn't you be, fellow foodies?
It came with this butter that was mustard-y. Oddly delicious.
The main dish was so good! It was vegetable ravioli on a bed of steamed vegetables. In all honesty, this is the best ravioli I have ever had. The innards of my pasta were not cheese, no this is not cheese ravioli, it is vegetable ravioli. Oh my goodness, it was wonderfully seasoned vegetable pulp. mmmmmmmm.
Dad and I shared dessert. This was a delicious berry pastry. It was very fresh, he let me eat the strawberry. :)

We stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge. This place is swank. People open doors for you. The breakfast came with our room, if it didn't we would have paid 35 dollars for breakfast each morning. Oh, and the breakfast was nice. Both mornings I got a little egg white veggie omelet, fruit, and a cup of oatmeal. They even made their own granola:
Rainbow fruit.
Lots of fueling for 7+ hours of walking

After this, we headed to the beach for a few days. The beach means seafood. Seafood restaurants mean that I get a lot of the above salads made for me.

One day, I had to ride a ferry.
I get sea sick.
Rules of the sea: An empty stomach is a sick one. Ginger is your friend. If it is too late, lemon is your friend. Look straight ahead. For the love of God, take Dramamine.

I had:
Ginger snaps
Ginger chews
Ginger (crystallized)
Lemon drops
Lemon gummy bears
Lemon-lime soda
For me, ginger helps prevent illness, lemon helps soothe the inevitable effects of the ferry.
Apple+homemade 100 cal pack+peanuts=lunch for ferry ride.
Ginger & Lemon candy=needed to not die.
On this trip I discovered that chocolate chip Z Bars are delicious after sitting in the hot car all day. Can we say "tastes like warm cookie dough that's good for you?" I assume the microwave would work, too. You can bet that I will try it.

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