17 November 2010

Rain, Rain: Why can't you be snow?

It's is so cold and soooo mistyyy here. It's as if just looking out the window would give you a cold!
Sportin' the tshirts.
Hardcore and Adam Lambert? In my world those things go together fine. ;)
Breakfast of champions:
*dance dance*

Comfort food:
Apple butter and SunButter sammich. (with Cheetos AND pretzels because I couldn't decide on one.) Apparently apple butter is one of those "foodie finds" for a lot of bloggers but for me it was a childhood staple. I guess it's a southern thing? I've heard honey mustard is a southern thing which I think is a cryin' shame. We know how to EAT. :)
And TONS of veggies (and unpictured pears and apples) for vitamins.
I will not get sick.

1 comment:

  1. hold me back before i cannon ball myself into ur salads!! <3 never thought id be jealous of a salad before, but alas, i am!