03 November 2010

A visit from Momma Monster

Outfit of the day:

New Betsey Johnson Belt!

  • Pea Coat: Betsey Johnson
  • Scarf: Rue 21
  • Red cardigan: Target
  • Button-up shirt: Forever 21
  • Belt: Betsey Johnson
  • Skirt: J. Crew
Little plum-cake Monster got a visit from her momma yesterday. She treated her college girl very, very, uhm....verrrry well.
Three Betsey Johnsons, Calvin Klein, kitchen ware, and Marvel? Somebody is loved.
Kittie's food supply was also very low. The fruit bowl was completely empty. Momma bear helped!
For lunch, she took me to a cafe that is down the street from my university. The owners are from Germany and began their bakery because they realized bread here sucks....they bake some awfully legit bread.
I got some loggers rolls and pumpkin rolls to take home. (calm down, I know I said pumpkin, but calm down.) I had a logger roll, country whole wheat, and bauernbrot (omg so good! there baked potatoes in the dough...) for dinner with other snackities.
She also got me froyo.
LOVED, I tell you. LOVED.
Since I got groceries, I got to eat a different cereal for breakfast! haha. Good thing too because I only had about 1 serving of Clifford crunch left.
And I ended lunch with a fresh pear and some Halloween candy!

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