23 November 2010

Lost & Found

My favorite foods are the most basic, simple foods.
They fall into two categories: Childhood foods and Whole foods.

Today we are discussing the wonders of childhood favorites.

As a little girl with strawberry blond spirals sprouting from her head (not very much unlike Annie's) I loved one particular ginger child actress who was only a few years older than I. Today she is better known as LiLo....or Firecrotch :/ But I remember the Lindsey from the 90s version of The Parent Trap. What is the most memorable scene? (aside from the ear piercing...) This one:
Oreos + Peanut Butter
I haven't had an Oreo in at least a year. I used to eat Oreos weekly. In my vegan days they were the number one dessert on my menu. I had somehow convinced myself they weren't all that great (as I have with all of my favorite foods that don't grow out of the ground) but I brought 'em back and good gosh.....
Better than I remembered.
So much better.

Do you eat peanut butter on your Oreos?


  1. I'd like to try oreos in general but unfortunately and whyever german oreos are not vegan :/

  2. Do you eat peanut butter on your Oreos?
    Answer: NOPE BUT I WILL NOW!!!!!! <3