03 August 2010

New Things

I eat a lot of the same things if you haven't noticed. I push myself to mix it up but then I just get worn out and miss my staples too damned much. Well, I recently have had a few new things that did not leave me feeling unsatisfied.

Yesterday I was driving for an awfully long time and bust out a new bar to try. Granted, I do have a different bar almost every day, but this is only my second Odwalla bar and is my first fruity Odwalla bar.

(Why yes, I did photograph this while driving on the interstate. What you don't see: The Big Gulp full of Diet Coke that I poisoned myself with.)

Wow. Um. New favorite. I loved this one so much. It reminded me of those filled Nutri-grain bars that I used to eat from my lunch box as a child. The dried fruit was just right and it didn't have the protein-y taste that the chocolate one did. I like it with chocolate, not with fruity.

And this morning I bust out some Nature's Path hot oatmeal. I haven't had oatmeal from a pack in quite some time. I liked it. I think it works well for traveling when you may not have a big 'ol can of rolled oats on hand.
However, this was the only nut in the Maple Nut flavor:
Yep....that was it. I have a feeling that I got lucky even getting one...but I had a Sun Butter dollop to make up for it.

I had this "bowl" of full caf coffee on the side (x3 :/ [Apparently Kittie feels like breaking the rules lately.])
"Wait...that mug looks familiar....hold up is that the same table?? But how?!"

Don't ask me. I take what I can get.

Another new thing I'm loving:
This freaking bow.
Look how cute it is. That is all.


  1. Actually healthy people eat almost the same foods every day. So it's not as bad as you thing, as long as you consume from all the food groups. Your hair is lovely!

  2. I tend to get in food ruts too. :/

    That's pretty ridiculous about the oatmeal. I guess that's an excuse to pile your own toppings!

  3. A lot of the times, I end up eating a lot of the same meals... I just rotate through them so I don't get bored too quickly. I often want to try something new, but I'm either too lazy, or a little bit afraid. Afraid of what, I'm not sure... Maybe not liking it or being left unsatisfied? Which is silly because most of the time I end up loving the new things I try. Just another one of those quirks to get over I guess.

    Love your hair :)

  4. the maple nut oatmeal is so good! i have the flax n oats right now in my cupboard and its pretty good too!

    the bun and bow are SO CUTE! i love having my hair up and finding ways to make it look pretty <3