17 October 2010

Bursting Blood Vessels for Science.

Say what, Kittie?

I haven't slept. It's (now much) past 7:00AM. Why? Because I'm here. More specifically, I'm in here. Doing what? Being a student. Observing the sky, observing my Professor operate systems in the control room, occasionally operate things myself, keep the telescope working, ect, ect. No, this isn't a field trip. I'm here with my professor because I am an Astronomy minor, for those of you who haven't caught on. You wanna see what an Astro minor eats? Well, when she has to wake at 5:00AM to catch a flight, she has overnight oats waiting:
The last of the Dark Chocolate Dreams. I used it to make cookies that I gave to other people. (honestly, I hate DCD....)
And when she's reading Hamlet in the airport lounge (because she is an English major after all) she eats free snacks. (but picks out the sesame things because she thinks they are weird.)
"Breakfast" is had when you wake (about noon.)
"Lunch" is around 6:00, right after you finish calibrating the telescope and right before sunset.
"Dinner" happens in the control room between midnight and 2:00AM. (Lol. My planisphere is showing ;) uh oh.)

To withstand the 26 hour days you will live off of this:
And if you're cool like us, you will chomp carrots like rabbits.
Two tidbits:
The astronomer's best friends.
(Red light and white light)
And it's cold on mountaintops. (Also, I have busted blood vessels in my eyes due to sleep deprivation but the flash removed them. How kind.)

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  1. Wow - what a routine, Kittie!
    Hope you're having fun with it...
    'Cause, if you are, I bet it's all worth it :D