12 October 2010

Without Fear

I spent this weekend with some friends in Memphis and I have two things to show for it.

First, meatless beans and rice at Rendezvous':
It came with peppers, pickles, cole slaw, crackers, and cheddar cheese.
I ate all of it and even a couple crackers and half a stick of cheese. That is the only slaw I have ever enjoyed in my life. It wasn't all mayonnaise-y, it had hot sauce instead. Um...genius?

Then, a rekindled love:
Yeah, it's just Subway but I have only gotten salads there for over a year out of fear of the bread. I love subs...it was a veggie on wheat with no cheese. It has spinach, tomato, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, banana pepper, Dijon, vinegar, and salt and pepper.

I tried the new SunChips but I only ate a couple. They tasted like pizza which makes sense I guess...cheese + tomato = pizza....but I didn't like them. I like the original, really. No need for flavors.

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