19 October 2010

Last night on the mountain

(I started this post two nights ago but Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures. Just pretend ;])

It's our last night here :(
Last night's clouds were horrible. The clouds today were not a problem but the wind and humidity have been acting up back and forth all night.

I shall give you a recap of this amazing trip:
I learned how to fill the liquid Nitrogen Dewar.....
Remove the mirror cover....
Operate the telescope via commands....
and captured the Horsehead Nebula....
and the Ring Nebula (M57). (Not our images)

I also did something pretty cool while there. I didn't count calories the whole time. Can you imagine that just a couple months ago I almost decided not to go because I wouldn't have my food scale?? It scares and saddens me how controlling ED can be. But I fought it and had this AMAZING experience. I also had lots of sammiches because they are my favorite food.

I don't want to get excited about something that turns out to be false but.....I think I overcame my fear of bread completely on this trip.....which.....is sort of a big deal.

Another thing that I decided on the trip was to stop eating foods just because they have a high standing with health food bloggers and don't leave out foods just because those bloggers wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole (expect to see some damned Flamin' hot Cheetos sometime soon. It has been too long, my friends.)

Because of this decision, when I went grocery shopping (Wal*Mart, last night, 2AM-haha-I was still on a observer's schedule) I bought only things I love. No obligation foods. I refuse.
Look! (Bun Bun, Nausicaa [yes, like from The Odyssey], and Mr. MonsterMan starring in their 3AM grocery haul photo shoot) So the important things to note are:
  • Pimento Cheese - this is comfort food, a classic of my mom's and has been off the Kittie menu for quite some time.
  • Mayo - I love mayo....I can't lie anymore. Sandwiches just aren't the same without it.
  • NON Greek yogurt - I like yogurt. I think Greek yogurt tastes like a yogurt/sour cream mixture and I only enjoy it when I get a weird craving. Those tubs of Fage you saw me eat...I forced myself.
  • American Cheese slices - Although I have kept these in stock, I was ashamed to eat them but I love them and they are the only cheese I like (and I realize they can hardly be called cheese) so I'm showing you, unashamed.
  • Wheat crackers - I love carbs, I'm bringin' 'em back.
  • SWEETENED almond milk - they didn't have unsweetened. Usually I would have just not gotten any because of fear of calories but I wanted some damned almond milk....I decided it really wasn't a big deal this time.
  • Also: a tiny acorn squash, celery, yummy carrots, and some of the best apples ever.
I feel like I have grown so much by doing this. I shoved my ED thoughts aside and decided with my whole self that I would go and do this. I did and it was amazing. I'm still awe stricken. I could have stayed home for fall break, knowing that I gave up an opportunity just because of fear. Instead I have overcome fears, gained knowledge, pictures, and this great hoodie:
I'm honestly really proud of myself.
(And yes, I realize that hoodie is a bit large but I like to be able to crawl into my hoodies. heh.)

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  1. That trip looks amazing!!! Makes me sort of wish I had studied astronomy.

    It's brilliant that you're buying foods because you want them,and not because of what is or isn't 'popular/accepted' in the blog world, and I think it's a great achievement for you to finally be buying in response to your own tastes. For some reason it can be the 'smallest' changes (such as drinking chocolate oat milk instead of plain rice milk, for me..hehe) that signify the larger steps towards being in a healthier place. Sometimes it can be the smaller things that are harder to overcome, if that makes sense? And congratulations on the bread-eating :)

    The ring nebula looks like it has two wee eyes peeping out at you.. :D