31 October 2010

Costumes of Haloween Past

Edited to add more pics.

Halloween is always a big deal for me so I thought I'd show you all a couple photos of old costumes.

I was Woody Allen once:
Just Kidding. Those are my real glasses.
Alright, you caught me. That was just my my mom taking pictures in Eyeglass World a month ago.....(but I want them.)

I was a vampire before vampires were cool:
(Age 13 0r 14)

I was once Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls:
(Age 15)

I've dressed up in the way I did from ages 12-14 as a mockery of myself:
(Actually pictures of me at that age)

I've been a Doll:
(Age 17)
(The BFF was Laura Croft holding me at gunpoint.)
You can't be a doll without your tea party:
(Loooooong before my food blogging adventures, I loved photographing my creations.)

I've been an Emilie Autumn-inspired Gothic Lolita
complete with handmade parasol.
(Age 16)

Last year I was an actual Lolita:
(Age 18 [a bit too old, eh?])

And this year I was a Nymph.

I hope you all have a

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