18 October 2010

On Becoming a Vampire:

So it's past 3:00AM and I am wide awake. I'm in training to be a vampire. But this sort of vampire hunts nebulae instead of young vixens and drinks le cafe instead of blood. I have a couple facts for you:

Astronomers have a sense of humor:
They like snax as much as coffee:
(Cherry Twizzlers and apple slices on my constellation/star name study notes.)
My eyes are getting more blood shot patches that freak my professor out:
And these clouds did not behave tonight:
We were only open long enough to take one set of images (less than an hour.) Ball suck.

"Breakfast" Noon
I do apologize, but the only meal we eat during the daytime is breakfast which is had at high noon. That means I miss the best natural light periods but you will forgive, will you not?
Cheerios, apple jacks, banana, almond milk, coffee (dur).

"Lunch" 7:00PM
Brown rice, black beans + tomato, bell pepper + mushroom (plus a huge unpictured salad).

"Dinner" 3:00AM
Grain bread (really, really good bread), cheese, mustard, boiled egg white slices, pretzels, and another boiled egg (plus coffee).
Also, one of these huge ass cookies each night. (I honestly don't remember the last time I had a cookie before this....and I prefer cookies over any other dessert food.)

1 comment:

  1. Even though your routine might be a little... "different", I can see you're not focusing so much on food anymore. I guess spending all that time studying did have something to do with eating a bit more "freely". Way to go, girl!
    Your meals look awesome, too!
    Wish you a great end of the week/weekend!