08 September 2010


I've been loving on my favorite healthy fats lately: Avocado and Almonds/Almond butter. This morning I made something life changing. I documented it for you so you can change your life too.

First, make the oatmeal.

  • 1/2 c rolled oats
  • 1 c water
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • few dashes of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, salt, sweetener if you want
  • raisins
Microwave half a sliced apple with cinnamon and cloves. Put them on top.
Now, Add some slivered almonds, granola, and maple syrup.
Now hug me. You're welcome.
Yesterday I had some scrummy oats as well:
Chunky Monkey oats.
Featuring vegan chocolate chips, sun butter, almond butter, and banana chips. With decaf because I have banned myself from caffeine. I was drinking WAY too much. It's pretty much my one bad habit.

At lunch time yesterday I stocked on bananas:
If you ever see stacks of tomatoes or cucumber like that, I keep them and have a tupperware for them in my mini fridge. Instant sammich makings. I do it with onion and pickles too.

I ate the salad under all of that with these beauties:
Oh my gosh. I've never had an open faced sandwich in my life. I was actually going to put these two halves together but something stopped me. I'm so glad it did.
Smashed avocado and onion on one, hummus, tomato, and cucumber on the other with sweet potato chips.
Served with animal crackers...
...dipped in coffee.

Dinner involved more healthy fats in the form of black beans and guacamole I made by smashing up some avocado and adding salsa.
There was also brown rice, cauliflower, mushrooms, red and green peppers, Laughing Cow, and some more sweet potato chips!

I had a super random post workout snack last night:
Almonds, plum, pretzels, chocolate (to help my caffeine withdraw headache without having coffee, tea, or soda).

I had even more healthy fats for lunch with an almond butter/banana tortilla.
Cinnamon on half.
Oh my yumz....


  1. Everything looks so tasty :) And I'm not craving open faced sandwiches.
    I feel your pain on the giving up caffeine. I used to work as a barista, where there would be a constant supply of coffee. I don't know how I drank so much! After cutting way back, my body reacts to coffee so differently now.
    I read somewhere that eating an apple has a similar effect on your body/mind as having a cup of coffee, and it actually seems to work. So if you're feeling sleepy, munch down an apple :)

  2. ANIMAL CRACKERS!!!! <3 <3

    i love how fresh your sandwich looks! and the bananas with the greens mmm yummy colors and combos! haha hugging you was exactly what i wanted to do after seeing those apple oats. pretty much an apple crumble but on oats!! :)
    and i always love when u make a tortilla wrap with nut butter and bananas :P

    lately ive been enjoying more healthy fats and im really noticing the difference in the stability of my moods. its kind of hard getting used to eating more fats and usually they make me more tired... but i know theyre so important and helps the body function properly!

    have a beautiful night love