11 September 2010

Climbing the Mountain

I have mountains of paper to climb.
What's that?
The stack of labs I have to grade. Half are worksheets, half are essays.
What's that?
The stack of text books I have to read from.

This is my weekend.
"Wow Kittie, you're really cool."
Yeah, I know. Shut up.

Wanna see some breakfasts? Yeah, I know you do.
Kashi honey H2H, corn and millet puffs, banana yogurt, banana, cashews.
Banana oats with pistachios and coconut butter. Tropical theme? It's ironic because I have an ugly picture of tropical oats due to this:
Not the tropics but I love it. Actually rain storms and tropics go together so there.
Sweet potato casserole oats. Sweet potato, quick oats, water, vanilla, maple syrup, ricemellow, praline pecans.

I eat tons of salads as well.
Dried apricots, pepper, and cottage cheese on salad=wonderful.

Dinners are usually also a quick salad because of night classes and my TA position but here are a few variations.
Lentil Soup from the cafe with Kashi crackers.
Veggie hot dog, mashed sweet potato (mixed it with apple sauce and cinnamon), cauliflower, and peas and carrots from the salad bar heated in the microwave.

And a few more notable items:

Apples a la Kittie:
Microwaved spiced apples, graham squares, Greek yogurt.

Oh. My. Gawd.
I love rice cakes. I have since I was a kid. Plain. Lightly salted or unsalted. I love 'em. This one was topped with almond butter and Autumn Butter.

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