01 September 2010

September, September: The month that eventually leads to October, November, and DECEMBER!

Alright. I'm a winterbug. I like sweaters, leggings, boots, apples, spices, root vegetables, you name it. Fall and winter were made for this snuggly kittie. I started my fall preparation early last night with a meal aimed at fall.
This entire plate was cooked in the microwave. This is how it broke down:
  • Turnips, carrot, dried berries and rosemary, 1/4 in water, cooked on high for 20 minutes
  • Instant brown rice cooked on high for 7 minutes
  • Spinach cooked in water for 1 minute
  • Egg whites cooked for 1 minute
  • Vegetarian Hot Dog nuked for 45 seconds
No, the microwave is not my idea of fall but it is the general public's idea of college and college commences in fall so here we have the need for it's use. NO HOT PLATES! YOU WILL BE BURNED! (Seriously, I mean the building could burn down...)
Moving on, I have something to tell you about myself: I was raised by a neo-hippie. My mother is all new age and into that rigmarole. This means that I attended many, many hippie potlucks and festivals as a child. (To say this had nothing to do with my love of food would be a lie. [Do note that this is not why I am a vegetarian.]) But the flavors of this hippie food to me are very very fall-like. My favorite spice that I constantly forget is rosemary. Oh my god I love it but unlike cinnamon, I don't douse everything with it so it really is an extra treat.

This morning I arose, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for fall to come.
I started my morning with 30 minutes of yoga.

If you haven't noticed, I live a few months in the future. All summer my eats have been Autumn inspired so I find it only natural that to start of September, I celebrate winter!
What this bowl had going for it:
  • Cloves, lots of cloves.
  • Craisins
  • Clementine
You love me. This is why you love me.
Some of the clementines were cooked in:
Ohgod...let me eat that again...
Next up, Lunch:
I would like it to be noted that I do not always eat the whole contents of these boxes. In fact, I rarely will. They don't weigh them, you can take as much as you can stuff in there. So I fill it up every time and stock my mini fridge and fruit bowl...just to be clear (although I totally could eat all that.)
Another prepped sandwich, this time hummus and cheese. Hummus is another hippie food that I love.
I added the cucumber and tomato to the sandwich.
I ate the salad that featured raw zucchini and yellow squash! The salad bar is where they put everything they had too much of so it's always changing, I love it.
I had half of the fruit. The rest of the fruit, broccoli, half the zucchini and squash, onions, and the banana went into my stock.

This afternoon featured a very fall-time snack:
Start with the simple apple...then get a little crazy.
Oh yeah, I went there.
Complete insanity.

*waits for fall to actually begin*

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