28 January 2011

Four Weeks Without Sugar

Today is 28 days sugar free. I'm still not entirely sure about it.
  • Week one, nothing changed.
  • Week two was HORRID.
  • Week three was AMAZING.
  • This week? Ugh. Not good.

So basically, I'm bipolar and I just have to deal with it? I'm not satisfied with that answer. I do think that I have controlled some aspects of mood by doing this. I will say that I like how I feel physically. No crashes, no cravings.

I'm going to remain mostly sugar free but I will experiment with being less strict. Now that I have completely detoxed, I want to see how different forms of sugar affect me. I will be working with agave, honey, brown rice syrup and the like. I like that I don't crave sweets now so I probably still won't eat them very often.


1 comment:

  1. oh no! geez what a sucky thing that once the 4rd week came around u felt amazing, then the next, crashed! my mom was so tired of my mood she kept saying "please please please add a little natural sweetener back in your life" lol. it truly helped..like a banana or some honey mixed with my yogurt with some protein and nuts in there etc. although it would be pretty cool to find out how one would react over a years span, totally not sure its worth it in any way hehe.

    ps. i forgot to say that i think that is SUPER COOL that u made a version of my vegan bran muffins with stevia!! i loved freezing them up to use crumbled ontop of yogurt for a snack or on oatmeal in the mornings mmmm :) im definitely going to try a gluten-free version again, with rice bran, and now with ur fabulous idea, a bit of stevia as well :)