20 January 2011

Wake up Happy

This morning something amazing happened. I woke up happy.
Say what?
When I crawled out of bed in the frigid AM, I was happy.
What does that mean?
Sadly enough it means that I wasn't already depressed or at least apathetic. Most days I wake up dreading the day, feeling unsuccessful, useless, ect. It passes. No, it just fades into the background and I take the hours as they come.
Today I was happy. All day.

I'm amazed, thrilled, and utterly surprised. I'm surprised because it wasn't circumstantial. Nothing made me feel good, I just did. This is something that never, ever happens in the book of Kittie. Things happened today that would usually throw me off my course. I remained stable. The weather is wretched (rain to sleet to snowstorm in three hours) and I'm swamped with work but I feel good.

Notice that I said I feel good. I didn't say that I felt "great." Why? Because it isn't manic. This isn't a manic up, that feels different. This is just....happiness?

Anyhow, let's get into some food, shall we?

I like sandwiches. I like things that sprout out of the ground. I combined them and made the most delicious lunch I've had in a while.
Whole wheat seeded bread (from a local bakery), Swiss cheese, cucumber, pickles. lettuce, homemade pesto (!), avocado (!!!). Amaze.

Okay...you all know I'm weird, right? Well, with that in mind try not to be disgusted by my weirdness....
That would be a peanut butter banana sandwich...with a mustard-dipped pretzel shoved in it. I would try to defend myself, but honestly...I combine strange things and I'm proud. (ifyouwerewondering the spice of the mustard cuts the sweetness of the PBB perfectly while the salt of the pretzel brings out the flavors and adds crunch...)

Okay, this plate....it does make me happy. ;)
Woodland creatures!
I filled it with goods from the cafeteria.
(That red stuff was supposed to be ratatouille....which I love....but it tasted like a can of stewed tomatoes...NOT the same. Also, there was no garlic. That is a major ratatouille foul.)

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