13 January 2011

Remember when I had a food blog?

Oh yeah, I still do...and because I still do, I really should post some food.

You want to see some purple tinted oats in a jar?
There you go. Loaded with blueberries.
Purple from blueberry juice.
Too much AB in one place. (Did I just say that??)
You know what else I like that is blue? Blue corn tortilla chips.
They're a little too salty....okay, they burn my lips but I have always been sensitive to salty chips. I can't even eat Lay's potato chips. I can't taste anything because my mouth burns so much. At least I can taste these. They are nice and nutty in flavor. The ingredients are also wonderful. Real, organic ingredients.

They pair nicely with salads....
Or quesadillas......
Greek Yogurt makes for wonderful sour cream substitute.
Shakespeare makes for great light reading.
Stripes make me look like a mime.
And red jeans match my hair.

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