18 January 2011


My brain is bouncing between The Five Ages of the Universe, this Keats poem, and the Holy Bible (say what, Kittie? I thought you were an Athiest. I am. I'm also and English major with a great interest in philosophy and religion.)

I keep looking at the Kitchen Space tab I have open and think it's the Spacetime tab I have open. I just finished editing something for my tech writing class so I want to type "Space Time" but the scientists have their ways and the majority prefer sans space. Well....with space the word, and the concept of space, but absent of space, the typographical void between words. If you can't tell, My brain is puking, I'm back in full school mode, I eat fast food.

Not that kind of fast food (although I do love me some Taco Bell. Cheap, easy, vegan. Hell yeah.) I mean food that is easily consumed while sitting at a desk working.
  • carrots
  • peppers
  • cucumbers
  • celery
  • pretzels
  • DIPZ!
This is lunch many days. Or I grab a salad in a box from the food court.
I like to pair it with an easy to grab yogurt (all the sugar in this comes from fruit) and pretzels....I'm still pacing myself through those three bags (they would not usually last this long!)
Sandwiches and veggies pair perfectly together and work well when I have a few minutes to assemble lunch.
Proof that I eat Taco Bell.
(Also known as the geniuses who put salsa verde in a packet.)
Mini update:
I am feeling much better than I was last Friday. I passed the two week mark and it wasn't easy but I seem to be stabilizing. It's only been a few days so I can't be certain about that. I shall keep you informed.

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  1. I love Taco Bell's Salsa Verde. (I even sometimes just eat packets of it alone... hehe.)