03 January 2011

Oh, Goodness.

I know my last post was slightly lacking in...information. I honestly didn't want to bore you. We English major types can write for pages without getting tired. I will now explain the details of my new plan.

I am cutting out sugar (not fruit). I haven't had any the entire new year. I also decided to cut out caffeine and refined flour. I think I was a bit overzealous.

I hardly eat anything with refined flour in it other than sweets so by cutting out sugar, I am cutting out white flour. I prefer whole grains in breads, cereals, ect. There is, however one love of mine that is pure white flour....and salt.
Oh, the beloved pretzel. I'm switching to whole wheat....after I finish the three bags I have open/half eaten. After that, no more white flour. This is really not that difficult for me.
Sugar and caffeine are proving to be a bit more of a challenge. Actually, mostly caffeine. Without caffeine my body is aching and I am extremely tired. My decaf herbal tea does. not. help.
I have tried to cut out caffeine many, many times before. I can drink up to ten cups of black coffee a day. I need to quit but this withdrawal is a bit much.
Just hearing the coffee pot brewing made me feel calmer. That, my friends, is called an addiction. With the first few sips I was back to feeling collected and alive. I stopped shaking and was able to focus.
I don't want to be this dependent on coffee. This is just as bad as taking the drugs I refused almost two years ago.
Soy creamer....it curdles.

New plan:
  • Wean myself off of coffee/caffeine slowly.
  • No sugar
  • No refined white flour
  • Low dairy (Once again, I pretty much already do this)

Sound like a plan? Good.
This is a first attempt at my new diet.
Pumpkin blueberry oats with pecans and 0% Fage.
Sitting on a bed of my dear, sweet Hamlet.

Now that I have a cup of coffee in hand, I can resume reading.

Dear Shakespeare,
I know I swore never to take another drug so that I could absorb you fully. I have gone back on my promise and for that, I am sorry. Caffeine is a drug. I vow to one day read you sober.


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  1. I just posted on my addiction to coffee. I stopped drinking it for a few days and got these HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE migraines. I love it too much to fight the addiction. :)

    Love that coffee mug.