28 June 2010

The Eating Game

Oh goodness, ya'll. Let me tell you: I'm not feelin' the eats.
"Whyever not?"
Why don't you try eating with this mayhem in your mouth.

So basically I don't want to eat, I don't want to drink, (but I do have a horrible craving to cook.) and I'm feeling weak. I haven't eaten much for the last three days and it's getting to me. I hurt. It hurts to move. I wanted to get back on my bike today because they said I could on the fourth day but I would literally begin to cry right before I passed out if I attempted my regular ride. I did some yoga this morning to stretch out my sore muscles but that is literally all I could do. I also have this mysterious bruise that is very dark purple..? I never had a shot...
For breakfast I tried to amp it up:
Um....let's pretend that's chocolate covered strawberries....and that there aren't mystery ingredients. (mmm....pillz :/)

Lunch, I did what I could and I got my protein in:
Lentil soup and a goji berry Sobe Lifewater.

I know, gelatin and mystery colors and ingredients. Give me a break, they butchered my mouth.

For dinner I'm planning on eating this:
I've never had it before but the ingredient list isn't too bad for canned food. I'll tell you how it goes.
I figured I needed a way to add interest to my food. I needed a trip to the store but I really didn't want to get out. When you don't want to get out, it's a pretty good sign that you need to shower and get the hell out of the house so I took a quick trip to the store.
I am having trouble hydrating and running out of Lifewater (and it isn't on sale anymore) so I picked up some Powerade.
For more hydration motivation I got some tea and for food interest I picked up some Nutella. (my mother pronounces this "Nut-Ella" O.o Needless to say, I don't.)
I love tea. I love tea parties. I love everything about tea but with all that love, I only like green and black teas. PG Tips is my go-to black tea. It is rich, sweet, pungent, perfection. But I drink it a lot so I picked this one up, it sounds interesting and it has the sort of tea bag that I prefer-triangle with string.
I picked up these cuties.
My dad bought a watermelon and I can't really chew it but I love watermelon so I made watermelon berry pops after reading Ten Ingredient Project's post on her watermelon pops. I added one blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry to each pop.

I'm starting to think that other than not getting all the food I need, another reason for my lethargy is the sudden plunge into processed foods that I normally don't eat. I'm going to try and get off the Ensure the day after tomorrow when my antibiotics are up.

Also, who hates Sandra Lee's Money Saving Meals? "Buy bottled lemon juice, it's 15 cents for 2 tablespoons, if you bought a lemon that would be 25 cents!" Is she retarded? Is that what her problem is? I always had issues with Semi Homemade but this one is worse. You know how I save money with my meals? I don't buy three dollar bags of chips but I do buy fresh lemons.

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  1. i hope you feel better soon girlie! i do think your lack of eats is causing you to be tired all the time!
    hope you like annies meal!