16 June 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig jig.

Did your parents ever say that? Whenever we went on a trip, right as we pulled back into our driveway my parents recited: "Home again, home again, jiggity jig jig." It's a Mother-Goose nursery rhyme.

A new obsession ensued today.
My breakfast was this Larabar (+ 1/4 apple).
My favorite thing? The ingredient list. Holy bajesus. (What is the origin of 'bajesus'? Bad Jesus? Bangin' Jesus? Mispronounced Beetle Juice? Or Betelgeuse the star?....) It is sitting on my food journal.
Back to Larabars. I was really skeptical as to the ability of this bar to keep me full. I usually have a filling bowl of oats or cereal, that is filling. This tiny bar? I'm not so sure about this. I know it isn't advertised as a breakfast or meal replacement bar but I was eating it for breakfast and I wanted it to stick.
Good golly. It was so good, so tasty, and kept me satisfied until 3:30 when I was able to eat.
"Why couldn't you eat 'till 3?"
Because today I headed home, durr. Didn't you read my header?

Say goodbye to the background.
When I stopped for gasoline, I grabbed this to keep me entertained and hydrated.
When I got to my house, I scoured the kitchen. Uhm. This was my lunch.
I knew a trip to the grocery store was in order so I filled my travel cup with Crystal Light and I was off. (I know, I know. Those packets are full of all sorts of terrible false things but I was not feeling naked water today.)
I have a party coming up, in case you don't remember. The party is Saturday so I grabbed some things including the Biscoff and flat bread crackers in the photo.
And um.....just to carry along this new Larabar obsession...
(There's a "Tropical Fruit flavor that I don't remember buying...I stay away from things with such titles. I don't like orange juice, it has orange juice in it. I'll tell you how it goes.")

And then, a meal. Oh yes, I cooked dinner and it felt (and tasted) so good.
And you better believe that I bought fruit, tons of it. (Peach and cherries pictured)
I have assembled my overnight oats and it is now time for bed. Goodnight, lovies.


  1. yay another blogger with the same starbucks cup- funny how i see them everywhere! :)

    i believe ya when u say u bought tonnes of fruit! YUM! cherries are a must around this time!!

    wow love you dinner! love the beans and sour cream? ontop. YUM

    yea larabar rocks. who knew cashews and dates could turn out so tasty- simple yet feels liek they secretly added 10 other things to make it so good!

    and i just noticed ur tattoo!! thats so beautiful :)

  2. Yes, baked beans and sour cream are truly the best way I have ever eaten a sweet potato! And thank you so much, I have five tattoos but that was my first, I love it. :)