10 June 2010

I'm not cheap, I'm economical.

Yesterday I went to the mall, I got things from four different stores. I paid at one. I am not thief, I had coupons! Yep, the only reason I would really go to the mall is if I have coupons. Look at this stuff:
I spent ten bucks for the whole trip to the mall. That would be over $50 bucks if I paid full price for everything. Oh yeah, I'm boss.

P.S. That shirt is a size small, it is baggy on me. I'm not a small girl. I stand a lofty 5 feet, 10 inches. And that is why we're eating, right? Yes it is. So let's get to the eats! Good Eats, that is. (Who else loves Alton Brown???)
Yes, I match my dishes. No, I do not do it just for the blog.
This is pretty much the same as yesterday but I was out of banana and apple. :( I felt fruit-less so I ate some watermelon on the side.
There's a friend in my coffee. (decaf)
See him? what a sweet "zeh-brah." I always say it all British-like. With my luck a British person is going to read this and say. "No, you idiot, we pronounce it 'ketchup'." What?

Today I took a rest day because bike rides have been rough. After tons of stretching and some awesome yoga I had this:
My hand appears to be contorted. It was just a big piece...

Lunch was egg salad on a whole wheat wrap, simple salad, a few Sun Chips, and a pickle.
Before the wrappin':
I stuck this in the George Foreman grill for a minute or so just to set the wrap.
"Why is there Taco Bell hot sauce on that table?"
Because I ate that wrap like a burrito.
"But it's egg salad. Eww."
I wanted it to be spicy. I don't judge you for liking peanut butter.
"Why is there hot sauce and fire sauce. I thought you were hardcore."
Because I like the flavor of the Hot sauce and the heat (what little there is) of the Fire sauce.

After lunch I had this:
And before blogging I had this:
Oh my god. I'm going to become a watermelon.
Oh, and it's a really great idea to load up on water-filled fruit before embarking on a four hour car ride. mhm.

Do you remember me saying that dinner last night would be grand?
It sucked.
Whatever you do, do NOT follow a recipe exactly if you feel it's wrong. Follow your instinct. I should have.

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