30 June 2010


Well, I know I said that today I was going to eat six small meals throughout the day but that didn't happen. Do you know how much time it takes to eat? (Eh. the mayhem in my mouth may have something to do with that.)
Today I ate completely intuitively. I had planned on eating something between breakfast and lunch since breakfast was half of what I usually eat but I was just not hungry until lunch time. I went with my instincts.
The plan was then to eat 1-2 small somethings between lunch and dinner but I ended up going to some stores with my mom.
From the craft store: I got sequins and beads to practice the beading that mom taught me and some cup cakein' glitter! Ohhh yeah.
From a local shop that has the best deals on stainless steel body jewelry (and usually gives me a discount if I look cute but my mom paid.)
Nose studs, 16g earrings/potential septum ring
From the grocery store:
A (fucking adorable) baby toothbrush. Small for dodging open sores :(
Because of her foot, I pushed her around in a wheelchair for three hours, haha. Oh, did I mention I wore heels today?
Yeah...so I was beat when I got home. When I'm tired I'm not hungry but usually need food, I followed my intuition and ate a "meal."
I felt much better after my snacky meal of cottage cheese, butterscotch chips (that I had to eat around-too hard), and Nutella.

About two and a half hours later, my intuition (and my dad's microwaving) told me it was dinnertime.
This is the Annie's cheese ravioli. This was the second time I have eaten it, one can is two servings. It's good. Very Chef Boyardee but better for you. (the actual family's name is spelled Boiardi. Makes sense, huh?)

I had dessert because my intuition told me I needed fruit and calories (seriously, my counts have been crazy low but it's so hard to eat.)
Isn't it pretty? It was prettier than that, actually.
It's 1/4c rice dream vanilla ice cream, 1/4c frozen berries, and a couple mini chocolate chips that my intuition should have told me was a bad idea. Okay, it did, I just didn't listen. I ate around them.

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my injera. :) I didn't realize that so many other people have tried it. CUTE feet picture!