18 June 2010


"Each candle stands for five years."
"But I'm not twenty."
"Just push that one down, make it shorter."
"Good idea."

...to all of you! (unless it is your birthday, obviously.) Yesterday was my 19th birthday!
I have tried to compose this post since last night but I have been so busy preparing for my party tomorrow that I haven't had a chance.
I started cooking/baking/preparing for my party at 10:00 this morning when I finished my shower after my ride. I didn't sit down until 7:00 for dinner.

Here is a quick recap of my birthday:
I had overnight oats with almond butter and sprinkles, because sprinkles make things festive and it was my birthday after all.
I got back on the bike! (12 miles. 1 hour, 15 minutes.)
Are you wondering what socks I wore for my birthday ride?
Hannah Montana socks, obviously.
I figured out how to keep these cheap elastic headbands on: 3 well-placed hair clips!
I reached down to scratch my leg and got fingernails full of dirt. I looked down and I was all filthy (as I usually am after rides.)

Post-workout I broke out this bad boy:
With more sprinkles.
Dad and I watched some world cup and then I brought back a childhood classic for lunch:

I used to have pb&j sandwiches cut into these shapes so I made laughing cow+jam+sandwich thin shapes:
With a salad and scraps:
Green smoothie with sprinkles:
Pecan pie Larabar:
We went out to dinner for my birthday. We went to The Tomato Head, the only place for vegetarian/vegan food in my area. We had the hummus plate appetizer:
And I had one huge ass salad:
I don't think you understand how big this is.
I had to take home half of it with the leftover hummus, honey carrot dressing, and a big ass vegan chocolate chip cookie that I haven't eaten yet because of this:
Wholly shit, that's a big cake. (Only my family calls me that.)
Did I have a piece?
Uh, yeah.
Did I feel bad about it?
No, I decided it just wasn't worth it.

I got some awesome presents:
I don't like most shows, bands, things, ect (sourpuss?) but when I do like something I don't like it, I LOVE it. I don't have interests, I have obsessions. Daria is one of my obsessions. Hello Kitty is another one (and cats in general). My family knows these things.
But what my family (dad) really knows is that I love food (dark chocolate).
Alright, in the next few days you will get a birthday party post. But for now, this is all I have the energy for. I'll leave you with a quote:

"I like having low self esteem; it makes me feel special." -Jane Lane, Daria

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