31 August 2010

Crash and Breathe

Oh dear me, kittie cat crashed this afternoon. I was going and going and going and then all of a sudden I just needed to rest. I have these rejuvenation moments where I just lie down and close my eyes for a bit. I never fall asleep, I just zone out and when it's done, it's done and I pop up ready as ever. Today's was a little longer than usual because I had a headache as well but still the same deal.

Dinner last night was pretty good. I decided to try the tomato basil soup they had. I'm trying not to eat only salads so even though there will be lots of lettuce that you see from now on, I'm adding other things to the mix.

(Pardon the take out container, this will not be the last.)
I had a sandwich of Arnold whole wheat bread and cheese to dip in the soup.

It was sadly rushed because a hall meeting was called right as I was getting to the soup and I had to run to class right afterward. :(

We finally brought the microwave up so I got to have some oats this morning!
The microwave gave it a little hat...
All mixed up. Yum!
With some almond butter...
...and half caf coffee.

I got to my Education class (Over prepared once again, just the way I like it!) and it's just an hour then I had Public Speaking and I'm really excited about it. Am I a weirdo for being excited for Public Speaking? I'm really good at speech writing and presentation. I have no idea why because I'm actually really pretty shy.

For lunch I grabbed another salad and some fruit.
Romaine, grape tomatoes, red onion, red bell pepper, peas, three bean salad, banana peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, and pickles. Phew.
What's in the box, you ask?
This morning I prepped a MaraNatha Crunchy Almond Butter and sugar free blackberry jam.
Can you say yumz?
I like to chop up my fruit.
Cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, pineapple.

I had a snack of Greek yogurt this afternoon. It's been a while since Greek made an appearance on here, hasn't it? Well, this isn't my beloved Fage but oh my gosh it was good.
I've seen these but every blogger who I've seen try them said they were no good. Because of bad reviews I hadn't tried them until now when college budget shopping is all I can afford.
I added Autumn Butter, frozen blueberries, granola, and a bit of pumpkin pie trail mix.
This was so good. Thick and tart, I loved it. I don't like Okios so maybe those who are fans of the O' don't like it...?
Well, I'm off to write a speech! Talk to you lovelies later.

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