27 July 2010

Back in the Saddle

So this morning I hit the bike trail again bright (actually not light out) and early but before that I had breakfast waiting for me in the fridge.
I made overnight oats with:
1/3 c quick oats
1/3 c Greek yogurt
1/4 c almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
This morning I added more almond milk, maple pecan granola, and millet puffs.
Then I went on my ride. It was a good ride but I kept it simple. It was a seven miler. Finished in just about 45 minutes. I had been doing two hours every day and I just got burnt out. Slow and steady Kittie, slow and steady. Well, once I returned I grabbed some post workout refuel before showering off.
What is that? It's Kefir! I had never tried Kefir but jeeze louise, I LOVE this stuff! It's like....so tart and yummy....wow.
It tingles...
So...I had more dairy for lunch and it was delicious but I don't know if it was such a good idea on my part...I've felt sick all day and I think lunch just set it over the edge. :( grr.
Well, I marinated some thinly sliced cucumbers in Greek yogurt, almond milk, and dill.
I stuffed it into a pita with spinach.
I had okra, jicama, and a couple Sunchips with it.
This was amazing. It was tzatziki inspired.
So after sitting on the couch feeling sick for a few hours I was really hungry so I grabbed a DDP and one of the new Larabars. I couldn't drink the soda. The fizz and sweetness was making me more sick but the Larabar was good. It was interesting because it has a softer, gooier texture than most Larabars. Yummy.

Oooh, dinner was fabulous. I made sesame green beans which are my favorite thing to get at a Chinese buffet.
I had leftover yucca fries with it.
And a dumpling (two, actually.)
Dessert is a classic fruit/nut butter/chocolate combo.**

**Edited to add: HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL. That is good chocolate. it's the Lindt dark with sea salt....my world just changed.


  1. The close ups look crazy good!!! DAMN lindt chocolate = love!!! melts in ur mouth....droool <3


  2. LOVE kefir. The first time I tried it, I actually thought it was rotten lol. But I love how tart it is, and how it feels so carbonated. I also find that it helps a lot with my stomach issues... my stomach is kind of sensitive to dairy as well, and since I've started drinking kefir, it's improved quite a bit. Good thing, because I can't live without my Greek yogurts...