29 July 2010

No, I'm not Asian. I just eat like one.

Edit: Trader Joe's Owner Dies.

Alright...I have a dilemma. I eat breakfast when it is still dark outside. My flash is INTENSE but the dark does no one any good. I want the breakfast shot to be good since it's the first thing you see when you enter my site and I don't want to leave out breakfast because it's my favorite meal of the day.
This morning it was pitch black outside. My breakfast wasn't exciting but it was what I was craving....ugh...alright, since I have something to say about it, I'm showing you. *cringe*
Bleh. Okay, so that's my breakfast. What I have to say about it is that it did NOT hold me over. It's Oatmeal squares, millet puffs, frozen blueberries, and almond milk. I love puffed cereals but the thing about them is: they are pretty much just air so half my breakfast was lost in...inhalation...it was satisfying at the time but I was RAVENOUS at lunch time. My post workout refuel barely helped.
Kefir poured over Greek yogurt and topped with hemp flax granola.
It was really good but I was chewing my arm off two hours before my scheduled lunch date with my other BFFF.
We went to a Korean buffet and it was quite good. I had never had Korean and liked it a lot.
They have tons of spicy pickled vegetables (including kale) not unlike Kimchi that they eat with rice or noodle dishes. Obviously they have Kimchi as well. Freaking delicious.

We shopped for about...oh...five hours. Haha and I picked up some nice things at Forever 21. I needed post shopping refuel. It's like a workout, you know. ;)
Wow, I actually really liked this. It was my first Odwalla bar. It has that protein-y taste that I actually tend to like. And no peanuts!

Then for the 45 minute drive home I poisoned myself.....
Oh but it fizzed so good! Yeah, that's an EXTRA large Diet Pepsi. It doesn't even fit in the cup holder. It was gone before dinner was served...speaking of:
I made stir fry and baked soy sauce/garlic tofu. I had it with the leftover vegetable buns from the other night. I made rice and chicken for the boys to have with the veggies. (not big tofu eaters...correction: not tofu eaters.)
Fact: I despise raw chicken. I should be paid to touch it. But I make a mean teriyaki chicken for someone who can't taste what they're cooking (I've been told).
VitaTop for dessert!


  1. I still haven't had vitatops, but I always want to buy them! I have a feeling I'll like them and I keep seeing them more often on the blogs. Is chocolate your favorite flavor?

  2. I really love cereal, but I can't eat it for breakfast or I'm hungry like.. instantly. Such a shame, because cereals are so tasty :( At least they still make good snacks... sort of, but still not very filling. Vitamuffins, on the other hand, are one of my fave snacks. Perfect with Greek yogurt and nut butters.