19 July 2010

Rain Should Fall from the Sky

This morning I woke up and it was raining!
I love rainy, dreary weather and we had been having a mini drought that has fixed itself this week. Because of the rain two things happened:
I didn't go on my bike ride.
It was pitch black outside until 9:30 AM.
Because of the dark, my pictures are sub-par but let's get going!

For breakfast I am still working on having different things every day (i.e., no oatmeal) so I had my home made almond butter with my home made blueberry jam on a whole wheat tortilla.
I paired it with some nuked cinnamon apples and an ice coffee.
I was really worried that this breakfast would leave me hungry but I was full! I stayed full through the core yoga I did in place of the bike ride.

I always skip yoga for cardio because I feel like it won't leave me feeling worked out and I like that feeling.....I have no idea why I think this is going to happen because I am always kicked in the ass by yoga.

After my shower I had a mid morning/post workout snack of 1/4 a carrot cake Cliff Bar and some raisins. That bar is really good and nicely spiced.
I went out to lunch with my mom. We went to the only restaurant in town that has a good selection of vegetarian/vegan entrees. I got a ginormous salad with hummus and honey carrot dressing on the side.
around the bowl:
I ate all the lettuce and so many toppings but it is very stuffed so I had a huge to go box:
They also make the best vegan chocolate chip cookies that I have ever had.
While we were out shopping I periodically snacked on this Kashi Roll! bar...
...then I dropped the last two bites on the floor along with my hopes and dreams. I think I like the turtle one better but this one is tasty as well.

Din din was more leftover sushi rice made into avocado-stuffed onigiri with home made vegetarian egg drop soup. (Still dreary out!)
That is supposed to be a penguin.
For dessert I drizzled some sunflower seed butter over banana bread. Yum!

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  1. btw, i LOVE YOUR TATTOOS! what is the design u have on ur right wrist?

    MMM BANANA BREAD!! it would be gone by now in my house, thats for sure!

    i love lunches with my mom! and breakfasts too :)

    xoxo <3