06 July 2010

Grandma's doesn't last forever

I suppose I've left you babies alone long enough. Time to blog of Grandma's and the return home!

Before we left, I had this ominous breakfast:
Why is it ominous? Because my lovely grandmother has a yard with a garden. In that garden are some flower beds. In those flower beds are huge, thriving blueberry bushes. And we picked, oh how we picked!
Now that's a lot of berries, you say. How do you prep them for storage? Well, lucky for you little brother wanted to play food blogger and recorded the process:
Roll, roll, roll.
He wanted to show you what we are rolling off:
And the final product:
Oh, did you think that was all the berries we picked? You are so wrong. Take that and multiply it by three nights.

I have some in my freezer:
Some in my crisper:
And some that had a destiny all their own:
(I added it up, I we were to buy this many blueberries at the store it would be over $150. Can you see why I refuse to buy those flavorless store bought ones?)

I must show you the wonderful things I ate at my wonderful grandmother's house:
Her giant blueberry muffins.
I love these, they have oatmeal and she uses yogurt instead of milk. They are so yummy and very good for you. (Don't you love her dishes?)
At Grandma's house, it's okay to eat white bread. ;) Especially if you top it with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter and fresh picked blueberries!

And when you wake up and it feels like Christmas morning because you remember you are at your grandma's, it's time to splurge on pancakes...don't forget the blueberries:

And goodness gracious you must have her home made cornbread with her magical vegetable soup and homegrown cucumbers!
Top that off with your grandma's classic chocolate cake:
And when you get home, you better hope she packed some of her Christmas pickles in with your berries.

While I was there I had my nose in her personal (mostly handwritten) cookbooks and copied down 72 recipes. Uh...this is what 72 recipes (front and back) looks like on notebook paper:

So....with a refrigerator full of delicious blueberries, my day looked like this:
Post-workout yogurt:
Afternoon tea:
What was dinner?
Tune in next time to find out. ;)

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  1. holy shit thats a LOT of berries for sure! so awesome that u've got them all packed and frozen. i should do this when the blackberries are ripe.. we have so many bushes around town. hmm better get my bucket ready! :P

    ps. i have a notebook FULL of recipes too haha,, oh and i just noticed how cute those blueberries are lined up on one side of the toast- FABULOUS <3