21 July 2010

Make it Stop

I have a migraine. I have since this afternoon. My beloved rain turned against me and the barometric pressure caused this suffering. The light from this screen is drilling into my head and causing great agony. So lets make this an array of photos, shall we? Thanks.

This pain is unmatchable. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Oh my gawwwww! ALL MY FAVES in one post!!! Justin's AB, Peppermint Stick Lunas, Oatmeal Squares, cute mugs!

    ...and I almost just tweeted that I was craving sweet potato fries like woah.

  2. perfect mug for ur peppermint stick luna bar!! <3

    omg i have a justin's chocolate hazelnut butter i need to use up! cant wait <3


  3. I love that mug.

    Sorry about your migraine. I HATE them. Hope you feel better!